Just like in America, Twitter became a social network phenomenon in Brazil. Today, official numbers state Brazilians are amongst top adopters of this amazing real time broadcasting tool. I myself have signed up for Twitter as www.twitter.com/brazilcarnival and have found it very useful. TwitterScore rates Brazil the 4th country with the greatest numbers of active accounts, only losing for United States, UK, and Canada.


Above, Tessália as Natalie Portman, the second largest Brazilian beauty account at Twitter.

Another study published on the web by Sysomos Library Resource include Brazilian Twitterers as fast growers and already represent 2% of all Twitter activity, ahead of rich nations such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and Japan. (See full report at http://www.watblog.com/2009/07/21/twitter-stats-by-sysomos-an-analysis/).

Below, the Brazilian model and comedian Sabrina Sato is constantly Tweeting too!


And just like in America, where celebrities have a gigantic influence in trending topics and media in general, Brazilian Twitter accounts with the largest number of followers are entertainers. Here, nobody has yet reached the coveted magic number of one million followers; however some accounts are getting close. The number 1 Twitter account in Brazil belongs to a famous Brazilian soccer coach called Mano Menezes ( @manomenezes ) with approximately 650K followers, which makes since we are supposedly the “country of soccer”.


Above, the picture of the cute Brazilian actress Thaila Ayala

To make sure our readers have a taste of what does the Brazilian Twitters are about, we will providing you with a special reason to visit this Latin flavor.

We posted below the Top 10 Hottest Women at Brazilian Twitter >, ranked by the number of followers. No joke!! A real gift to all of our readers since we published both the name of the celebrity and address of these marvelous babes so you can follow them!

Below, another model and actress at Brazilian Twitter:
Tânia Oliveira.


The numbers were taken by the excellent service called TwitterCounter.com which provides real-time statistics of Twitter accounts all over the world. The numbers of followers considered August 4th 2009 statistics. Have fun and follow me to learn more of the Brazilian Carnival News!!

To followthese beauties profiles, you can either click on their names in bold or at their pictures.


Above, a picture of Muse Jaque Khury, who now works for RedeTV! in a show called Irado. She is beautiful as always!

Top 10 Hottest Twitter Accounts in Brazil by Belavista-Rio

1) Ivete Sangalo – Popular Singer - @ivetesangalo # of followers: 56, 560

2) Tessália Serighelli – Internet Activist & Model - @twittess - # of followers: 54,682

3) Luciana Gimenez – TV Host & model - @lulusuperpop - # Twitter of followers: 24, 159

4) Sabrina Sato – Comic Actress - www.twitter.com/sabrinasatoreal - # of Twitter followers; 23,929

please observe there is a fake sabrina sato profile out there!

5) Stefany Cury – college student - www.twitter.com/stefanycury - # of Twitter followers: 15, 308

Below, the gorgeous, classy and elegant Luciana Gimenez at a fashion photo shoot.


6) Thayla Ayala - TV Actress - www.twitter.com/Thailaayala - # of Twitter followers : 13,624

7) Tania Oliveira – TV Host & Model - www.twitter.com/taniaoliveira - # of Twitter followers: 10,040

8) Jaque Khury – Model & TV Host -www.twitter.com/jaquekhury - # of Twitter followers: 10,031

9) Priscilla Pires – Reality Show Celebrity - @priscilapiress - # of Twitter Followers; 7,890

Above, the interesting Brazil model Priscila Pires who became famous after participating at the Reality Show Big Brother, the 9th largest Twitter Account, considering Brazilian muses...


10) Marcia Brazil – TV Host & Model - @marciabrazil - # of Followers – 5,943

Below, the VH1 Host Marcia Brazil: She is at Twitter too!