Adriano vs Mulher Moranguinho : Recipe for Strawberry

After much speculation, Brazilian Funk dancer singer Ellen Cardoso, a.k.a. “Mulher Moranguinho” – Strawberry Woman, confessed she is indeed having a relationship with the soccer striker Adriano from Inter- Milan. In an interview with the Rio de Janeiro newspaper called "O Dia", the beautiful Brazilian brunette admitted she was in fact dating the famous soccer player from Brazil.


"We're having a relationship. We are very happy. But I do not want to make my life an event. It is a relationship unlike any other. We all hope it works out.”

The newspaper also says that Ellen Cardoso attended a barbecue at Adriano´s house in Barra da Tijuca, a fancy neighborhood in Rio, during the last holidays. Since then, she hasn´t left his house.

A friend of Ellen Cardoso - Strawberry Woman - Renata Frisson, also decided to speak out on the subject. During an interview for the "Olá" column from a local newspaper called "Agora Sao Paulo ', she stated she was cheering for the happiness of the couple.


Brazilian striker Adriano, who was in rumors was battling depression after a failed love affair, said last week he was not planning a speedy return to Inter Milan.

"I'm not planning an immediate return to Italy. I'll be unhappy there," the 27-year-old told a news conference. "I need to think about my career. I'm not happy in Italy. I am here in Brazil with my family and friends." Adriano has been the subject of wild speculation in the Brazilian press this week including having been the victim of kidnapping and even gunned down in a shooting.

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His ex-fiancee Joana Machado told reporters that the player had been depressed after their break-up.
Adriano is expected to forfeit his estimated monthly pay of 400,000 euros as a result of his absence from Inter Milan, the Italian champions.

It seems all this mystery may end-up with a simple recipe: Recipe for Strawberry Shortcake.