In our Brazilian Carnival countdown, we still have 31 days to go for the largest Carnival in the world. But we still have three other Carnival Drum Queens to describe in this special series. Today we will talk about Special Group Beija-Flor ´s Goddess of Carnival Rayssa de Oliveira. Carnival Drum Queen Rayssa de Oliveira is truly a special one, for several reasons we will point out. For of all, this Brazilian beauty and dancer is the youngest Drum Queens amongst the twelve muses that will parade February 22nd and 23rd in Rio´s Sambadrome. The second reason why this young model is a shining star goes back to her roots.

Below, a viral video of Raissa at You Tube, dancing in a marvelous manner:

Rayssa de Oliveira is one of the few “native-Brazilian” Drum Queens within the elite samba schools in Rio de Brazil. Most of them today are either Caucasian or minimally mixed. Rayssa has the authentic African and Bahia roots in her genes and her samba dance.

The third reason why Rayssa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor Samba School is special resides in the fact she was totally brought and developed in the Nilópolis community. In today´s professional Samba world, many of the Drum Queens are disputed just like in professional soccer, but Rayssa even at the age of 5, was always only linked to her community ´s school: the Beija-Flor Samba School.

Below a picture of the beautiful Rayssa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor at Rio´ Sambadrome:


It has been announced by the press here, that the Drum Queen post at Beija-Flor has been shielded by their President, who wants to bring back the days where the Carnival Drum Queen could only parade from the original community where she was raised. Goddess of Carnival Rayssa de Oliveira started to parade as Drum Muse at the incredible age of 13 and now, as an adult, starts to feel the real pressures’ of Brazil ´s professional carnival world. Good luck Rayssa from Beija-Flor!

Follows another photo of Rayssa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor at Technical Rehearsal:


As reminder, follows below Brazil Carnival Parade Schedule for 2009:

Sunday Rio Carnival – February 22nd, 2009

9:00 PM : Império Serrano Samba School
10:00 PM : Grande Rio Samba School
11:10 PM : Vila Isabel Samba School
00:15 AM: Mocidade Independente Samba School
01:20 AM: Beija-Flor Samba School
02:25 AM: Unidos da Tijuca Samba School

Monday Rio Carnival – February 23nd

9:00 PM : Porto da Pedra Samba School
10:00 PM : Salgueiro Samba School
11:10 PM : Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba School
00:15 AM: Portela Samba School
01:20 AM: Mangueira Samba School
02:25 AM: Viradouro Samba School
, 2009