Unidos da Tijuca Samba School is already in the “full power rehearsal “mode, for the 2009 Rio de Janeiro Carnival. The traditional Samba School from the Tijuca district was founded in 1931 by Bento Vasconcelos, Leandro Chagas, and Alcides de Moraes and is Brazil´s third oldest major Samba School. The school that has as its main colors the gold yellow and the blue, is practicing for the 2009 Rio de Janeiro Samba parade, and will have the space odyssey as its carnival theme. The official title for Unidos da Tijuca Carnival Parade Theme for 2009 will be “Uma odisséia sobre o espaço” or “One Space Odyssey”, having Luis Carlos Bruno as the schools Carnival Art Director.


The traditional samba school already chose its samba theme lyrics, composed by Julio Alves and Totonho, which describes a possible intersection between moon, stars, comets and the magical journey of carnival. The beauty and joy of Unidos da Tijuca is rehearsing for the 2009 carnival parade at the “Clube dos Portuários”. The club is very large and is conveniently located closed to the Rio Bus Station. Everyone is invited to visit the samba rehearsals which happen every Saturday from October 2008 to the beginning of the 2009 Rio Carnival.

The official date for the 2009 Rio de Janeiro Carnival is February 21st through 24th.

The Unidos da Tijuca Samba rehearsal starts generally at 11:00 PM, every Saturday and ends at 5:00 AM. The samba rehearsal is an excellent way to start getting acquainted with the Brazilian Carnival. At the rehearsals, you can listen the impressive power of the drum section, with more than 40 percussionists.


You will also be able to watch the beautiful choreography of the samba school flag bearer and mater of ceremony, swiftly dancing through the samba court, presenting the school´s flag and tradition.

Another interesting activity is the samba dance itself, performed by community dancers. During these dry runs, community members and invitees take the opportunity to practice the samba routine steps. Finally, all members at the rehearsal practice the singing of the samba parade theme lyrics, so everyone is in tune with the official interpreter and drum section.

Please see below map to the Tijuca´s samba rehearsal facilities:


Quadra: Clube dos Portuários – Av. Francisco Bicalho, 47 – Santo Cristo.


So don´t miss this great opportunity to join the true Rio de Janeiro samba world. Visit Unidos da Tijuca samba´s practice sessions. We are sure you will have loads of fun. Carnival in Rio is magical cultural and healthy. Visit Rio, visit Brazil!