Last month we were informed that one of the Top Carnival Queens of Rio de Janeiro, Shayene Cesario, would not represent the tradtional Estacio de Sa Samba School for the 2012 Carnival. As you will read below, Shayene was an excellent queen and was authentically born and raised in the Estacio Community. Her family as well, was raised there. Her mother represented the school in the early days, as a passistas too.

We are sure Shayene, who is finishing her Law Degree, will find new opportunities both because of her charisma and also because of her great Carnival and samba skills. As homage to Shayene, we will reproduce below two videos of Shayene, so carnival lovers can see her again. The horizons for this beautiful Brazilian are open wide and she deserves all the success possible to her personal and professional life.


We send our best wishes to the new 2012 Carnival Queen for Estacio de Sá, Vania Love, which is also a devoted samba lover and dancer.

Below the 2 videos, we posted a small Bio of Shayene, extacted from Brazil Carnival Ooah! Site.

Let´s get to know this Carnival Goddess a bit more: Shayene Cesário is a 27 years old model and law student born in Rio de Janeiro. The lovely Brazilian brunette has indigenous, European, and Afro-Brazilian roots, which clearly constructed that extraordinary look.
The Carnaval Goddess was raised in the traditional São Carlos neighborhood and started to parade at the early age of 8 with Estácio de Sá Samba School in Rio. Last year, after being considered a muse for the soccer team “Botafogo”, one of her other passions, Shayene Cesário found about Carnival Rio Girls Queen and Princess Contest promoted by RIOTUR, by a friend. Shayene rightfully enrolled at the conquest since she knew she had a good “samba dance routine” and loved carnival too.

When the Official Rio de Janeiro Queen and Princess Contest was over, Shayene Cesário could never imagine she would be crowned the Official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, winning over 12 other contenders. The decision was made by a judging panel that considered several attributes for the final scores, including samba dance, overall charisma, sympathy, body elegance and facial expressions.

In 2011, Shayene became the official Estacio de Sa Queen of Carnival Drums, which lasted for one year.